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Hi guys,

I'm trying to set static ip's in my image build without having to do it through the menuconfig system.

I have a package that provides /etc/config/network , but it seems that I *have* to set the ip through the menuconfig (which I don't want to do, as my plan is for different packages to have different IP's.)

How do I go about getting this right?


Use uci-defaults. Put a UCI batch in your build-system at files/etc/uci-defaults/defaults, make it executable and rebuild the image. Don't forget to make the script executable (chmod a+x files/etc/uci-defaults/defaults).

Example uci-defaults scriptn (files/etc/uci-defaults/defaults):


uci batch <<-EOF
    # Set the default LuCI WebUI theme to openwrt-light
    set luci.main.mediaurlbase=/luci-static/openwrt-light
    commit luci

    # Set the correct timezone for Europe/Berlin
    set system.@system[0].timezone=MEST-2
    commit system

    # Change the default NTP servers to some local ones
    set ntpclient.@ntpserver[0]
    set ntpclient.@ntpserver[1]
    set ntpclient.@ntpserver[2]
    set ntpclient.@ntpserver[3]
    commit ntpclient

    # Set a static leases
    add luci_ethers static_lease
    set luci_ethers.@static_lease[-1].macaddr='00:0c:29:f0:a5:5e'
    set luci_ethers.@static_lease[-1].ipaddr=''
    commit luci_ethers

    # Set a different IP address for LAN
    set network.lan.ipaddr=
    commit network

With some scripting this should work. The uci-defaults scripts will run once on the first boot after flashing.

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Thanks alot.  Makes sense, I'll  do it this way. smile


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