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Topic: Open Wrt and Zyxel Prestige routers

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I have two Zyxel Prestige 660 HW T1 routers which are extremely unstable.  Both routers will drop the DSL/internet signal and reboot at random.  This problem is occuring with increasing frequency and it is extremely frustrating!  I have tried various things including updating the firmware using the latest version from Zyxel.  Before I dispose of both routers and buy something new, I would like to try if possible to load a third party firmware to see if this helps.  I can't find any recommendations regarding this particular model router and I wonder if anybody has any experience with this particular Zyxel router? 

I am not concerned if I brick either Zyxel as they are almost useless.  I would even be willing to donate one of the units to somebody who might be willing to experiment.

OpenWRT support for them is planned in the future, but is not there yet.

dgi wrote:

OpenWRT support for them is planned in the future, but is not there yet.

Future as in short term, middle term or long term?
Zyxel is/was one of the routers given by Telefonica, and there hundreds of them out here (in Spain). I have myself a Prestige 660HW-61 and I really would like to put OpenWrt on it and use it in client mode.
The router returns a "non signed firmware" when trying to install it.

Some pics from ISP-provided P660HW-61 by Telefónica/Movistar (Spain), for those interested:

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