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Is there a way for setting a permanent arp entry with any of the tools which I can use with OpenWrt like I can do that under FreeBSD with
arp -s hostname ether_addr

For example I have static IP routing with the following config of my WRT router:
External router IP:
Internal network:

And now I want that packets from the internal network always go to with hw addr 00:00:de:ad:00:00 and no other hw addr.
Is there a short solution???


It seems that the "arp" command provided in OpenWrt allows simply to view the ARP table and not to add a static entry.

You should use the "ip" command from the iproute package.

ip neigh add    lladdr 00:de:ad:be:ef:00  nud permanent   dev br0

This comand adds a static (stays there forever until manually removed or until reboot) arp entry for address with a MAC address of 00:de:ad:be:ef:00. The said host is reachable through the br0 interface.

See the manual of "ip" command on your favorite linux box to understand better what the previous command does and what alse you can do to the arp tables with the "ip" command.

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Great, that works fine!!!


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