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Topic: jffs not mounted, no possibility to save configuration...

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as i mentioned in subject
on my wrt54g with kamikaze last release, it's impossible to save any configuration or writing files..
i've tried : mtd erase rootfs_data without success...
i don't know what to do know...
thanks for help

Can you check "dmesg"?

It is possible that a flash error prevented the jffs partition from being formatted.  Also, it may be that you do not have enough free space on the router's flash?

here is the end of dmesg :

jffs2_scan_eraseblock(): Magic bitmask 0x1985 not found at 0x001a0004: 0x0c0c instead
jffs2_scan_eraseblock(): Magic bitmask 0x1985 not found at 0x001a0008: 0xb1b1 instead
Cowardly refusing to erase blocks on filesystem with no valid JFFS2 nodes
empty_blocks 0, bad_blocks 0, c->nr_blocks 27

i don't how resolve this problem...


I have the same issue if I load a bin with a large file size discrepancy.

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