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Topic: Edimax BR-6574n : any hopes?

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Hi all,
I'm reading that the Edimax BR-6574n could, in theory at least, run on custom firmware. Are there any hopes for support from OpenWRT?


From dd-wrt forum: This Edimax model uses Ralink RT2880F (266 MHz) in combination with Realtek RTL8366SR Gigabit switch... I think the hardware is the same as in Buffalo WZR-AGL300N.

yes, thank you, i've seen that thread and that's why i dared ask the question in the first place. maybe someone will eventually add support for these routers too, i think the Buffalo's are more popular.
Later edit: the ASUS RT-N15 also uses the same hardware, apparently. Ralink RT2880 CPU, Ralink RT2860 Wireless and Realtek RTL8366SR switch.

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I have Ralink N chipset in my laptop, eee 1000H.  The open source code Linux driver for this chip is pretty crappy, problems with encrypted connections to routers.  It is not yet using the mac80211 infrastructure like ath9k ath5k and b43 drivers.

Well, I still hope it can be done. The fact that Linksys WRT160N v.2 has about the same hardware can only add to this.

It looks like the devs over at DD-WRT have received a donated Linksys WRT160N v.2, so work has begun porting DD-WRT to that router  (also based on RT2880 etc.). I wish I could do the same...

The Belkin looks nice, with a lot of memory AND an USB!

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I will probably open up my belkin next week or so and try to load dd-wrt kernel in it using u-boot. They have already some rt2880 based firmware images available for Senao-ECB9750, so they must work at some level. … o-ECB9750/

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