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Topic: ADAM2 ftp

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Hello all,
still struggling with my dlink.

Adam2 ftp is so slow that the upload fails.
Unable to connect with tftp.

Does any one have a hint to solve this problem?

The DSL-G624T is stuck so far (does not boot anymore) and remains in adam2 mode...

Thank you in advance

I had the same problem and after n hours I understood that sometimes Linux is too smart, at least in my case.
The problem is due to the fact the data are not sent sequentially and this causes adams not to acknowledge them, in turn this causes
linux to resend the data but if  F-RTO, an enhanced recovery algorithm for TCP retransmission timeouts, is activated the delay increases to 2min
and so you end up with sending 256 effective bytes every 2 minutes...
Switch off rto by
echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_frto
and so everything works :-)

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