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Topic: Adding USB radios to WGT634U

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I like to connect external USB 802.11g radio to the WGT634U.

I have some USB WiFi dongles with a "ZyDas 1211" chip.

Sources for the driver are here: … z?download

It compile and work fine on x86 machines.

Does anyone have the cross-compiling environment and the know-how to compile these for the MIPS ?

Any tips on how to get it done myself...

Thanks !


Has anybody managed to add a second radio via USB? I'd be very interested to learn about it. smile

I have managed to get a few working,

Just use the cross compiler used on nomis's guide at:

You might have to modify the make files to ensure the right kernel headers are used as well as the right compiler.
If you have any problems PM me.
I will then send you my make files, I am in windows at moment but when I get home I will have a look at my notes.
From memory got the zydas going, and the rt2570.

I'd be interested in any diffs from SF CVS code that are required to build working zd1211.

Last time I tried, there were all sorts of issues with CVS HEAD of zd1211 on platforms other than x86.

Can't find my notes, However if you post the error messages, I will endeavour to sort them out for you.
From memory one of the drivers I had to remove 'inline' in front of a few functions, this just cause slightly slowly execution time.

I've had no (major) issues building the modules from source, however the results didn't work. Symptoms ranged from kernel oopses to failures to download the microcode to the dongle. My initial analysis of the problem was either endian or alignment issues, but I never spent enough time tracking it down to be sure.

I suppose I'll have another go at it when I have some more time, but given current workloads, that's unlikely to be this year sad

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