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Topic: request: icecast and ices as package?

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I want to build a streaming mp3 server on the WRT. Icecast (the server;
is available as source code and the client ices (sending mp3s or oggs to the server; too.
The mp3s could get the WRT from a SMB-Share.

It's possible to build packages? Does the router (my: WRT54G 2.2) have enough power?



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Well actually I'm trying to  port peercast on the openwrt.

This project is rather light and _should_ build and run with this hardware.


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Any news about this?


I'm waiting for upstream to apply an autoconf patch for a proper Makefile generation.

Then it will be easier to build the package!


PeerCast package is done!

Description: P2P audio and video streaming server
PeerCast is a fresh new P2P streaming server. It can stream music
and video from a broad variety of formats.
Many audio players can listen to peercast streams, as it's
been built to remain compatible with Nullsoft Shoutcast.
For more info, visit

With peercast you can stream video and audio, as well as relay peercast streams to all your local network from one single source!
All you have to do is setup a peercast on the router, and then get all the other local clients to listen to this source!

You can also stream to internet with a local network source etc..
Peercast accepts ices clients as well as many others.

The package is located at:
it depends on libpthread and uclibc++ that you may find there also.
All you have to do is ipkg install it and then run /etc/init.d/S60peercast
You can access the server at: http://yourrouterip:7144/
The first password is hackme, you should change it asap smile

I'll be happy to have feedbacks, my email is: toots < at > rastageeks < dot > org


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looks ok ! i installed it as ipkg -dest disk install .... then i have to copy files from /mnt/disk2/usr/share/peercast/html/en/ to /usr/share/peercast/html/en/. only password hackme dont work for me. dunno why.

i relay two mp3 streams on peercast on WL-HDD2.5 white russian rc4 , and after some time (a day or so) i am getting some crashes :

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
  what():  St9bad_alloc
Trace/breakpoint trap

Did anybody managed to crosscompile ices ? or some alternative - light weight source client that would run on the same device and ogg/mp3 to peercast ?

Le Jeudi 23 Mars 2006 00:23, Romain Beauxis a écrit :                                                                         
> Could you try with the new package I just made from last peercast release?                                                   
> You can find it at this place:                                                                                               
> … mipsel.ipk
i did not try this yet, since i made loads of modifications to my "old" peercast.
i would be interested if somebody found a way how to display list of available streams to normal users, not only via admin interface.
Also i suggest to take out meta refresh tags from peercast html by default.
Another issue is automatic appending .pls extension and renaming mounpoint to something like :
you cannot play this in xmms.
what i really like is automatic renaming of ogg video to "OGM". this should become standard.
Peercast works nice !

... so it has been quite a while .... Did anybody managed to crosscompile ices2 ?  Does it actualy make a sense - or is it too heavy for  BCM4710 ?
icecast runns nice (although no theora in), but i am looking for solution to use also a client source on the same box.

Yes , I think is the new proposal , ICECAST WITH THEORA SUPPORT IN THE PACKAGES ?

This would be totally usable :
openwrt routers can act as server well.
with ices can act as clients reasonably well with precodified files (forget about icecast and ices , use 2 routers for this)

forget about make ices encode inside the router
forget as live inputs inside the router (via usb devices , really not true , but this need encode , virtually discarder. )

But only the server passing video .... I think is reasonable , and not so difficult , we are talking to change source code from 1 package and test.

I haven't the knowledge to crosscompile (this is the needed for the testing , not ?) , never do , but if someone can point me I can work in this.

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When installing Ices the installer doesn't return to Luci, How do I check if the Ices install hasn't gone wrong?

Alsa and sound-core are installed.   

I'd like to know if others also have the issue that the installer doesn't nicely finish in Luci (when installing from the WEBGUI)

A Cubieboard should be fast enough to do encoding. is there a way to calculate an estimate CPU load for encoding.  Todays SoC's are quiet powerfull. i'm curious if lower bitrates can be streamed reasonably reliable..

Say 8 bit.

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