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Topic: kamikaze bin for DLINK 504T

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i have a DLINK 504T.
I try to search specific information on it on … k/dsl_502t
and on forum
about which file i have to do to install kamikaze on 504T.
In there are a lot of files on AR7
but in the previus link i not found any directly reference to 504T.
I think that the 504T hasn't WIFI so i can use generic openwrt-ar7-jffs2-XXk.bin but what kind of "K-type"?
* 128K type ?
* 64K type ?

Thanks in advance!


A while ago I flashed OpenWRT on my DSL-504T using this procedure … k_dsl-504t (unfortunately is only in italian, but I believe you can follow the steps). There's linked also the image used by the author. Once you have OpenWRT on the device, I believe you can just use mtd command to update the version.

If you want to use the pre-compiled images, I believe you could use the squashfs version so openwrt-ar7-squashfs.bin but I can't tell you for sure.


Hi gianfranco74,
I'm italian too, so there are no problems with the link that you give me.
I decide to use openwrt because my 504T give me some sw problem, so i'll try to change system, before to change router.
I try and then i'll post my experience.

Thank you!

Best Regards


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