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Topic: Using JFFS2 on a flash drive

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Hi guys,

I'd like to use JFFS2 on my flash drive with OpenWrt to reduce its wear.

First, I create a JFFS2 filesystem on my pendrive:

mkfs.jffs2 -d . -q -m none -o /dev/sdb1

Unfortunately I cannot mount the pendrive with JFFS2 neither on my PC nor by OpenWrt.

What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance,

(USB) flash drives, CF, SD-cards, ... have their own wear levelling management, you don't have to do this.
You only need to use such a file system for onboard flash.

Thanks for the info, it's relieving to know that.

However I'd still like to know why I couldn't mount my JFFS2 partition.

I'd also like to know which filesystem is recommended for a flashdrive with OpenWrt.

jffs2 needs knowledge of and direct access to the underlying flash hardward (page size, ...). I think it will not work at all on a normal usb or hard drive.

You should use a file system on your usb drive, which supports linux permissions correctly, and which kernel modules are installed on your system.
I would use ext2 or ext3, if journalling is desired.
Any FAT version is not recommended.

I'll go with ext2, it works like a charm.  Thanks!

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