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Topic: Amit WQS418 and OpenWRT- Does it work????

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Hello OpenWRT TM,

I got an Digitus DN-7011( alias Amit Router WQS418 (

Here are the details:
CPU: Samsung ARM 0404
Switch: ICT IP175A,
Flash: AM 29LV160BD
Ram: GLT 5640L16-6TC

... and my question is, will openwrt work on this router and if so how can I flash it (it has a web-based
upgrade utility....

thanx a lot

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Flashpart seems to be 1M x 16 and maybe 4M x 16 ram, but I am not sure...

Router has one WAN Port to connect an DSL-Modem, 4 LAN Ports, 1 USB 1.1 Port, 1 LPT Port

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Found out a little more about the CPU its a Samsung S3C2510A10

Check the HRI project at the SMC2804WBR v1 uses the same CPU.


    The following integrated on-chip functions are described in detail in this user's manual:

    · 16/32-bit ARM940T RISC Embedded (ARM9)
    · 4K-byte I-Cache and 4K-byte D-Cache (instruction/data caches)

    · Memory Controller with 24-bit External Address Pins
    - 2 Banks of SDRAM for 16/32-bit Bus
    - 8 Banks of Flash/ROM/SRAM/External I/O for 8/16/32-bit Bus
    - One External Bus Master with Bus Request/Acknowledge Pins

    · Two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Controllers

    · PCI Host/Agent Controller or CardBus (PCMCIA) Host/Agent Controller
    - PCI Host mode: 5 (or more) PCI Slots Interface for PCI Cards
    - PC Card Host mode: 1 PC Card Socket Interface for 16-bit PC Card or CardBus PC Card

    · AAL5 SAR and UTOPIA L1/L2 (*)
    · 2 Port Full/Low Speed USB HOST with Root Hub.
    · 1 Port Full Speed USB Function with Transceiver Spec. 1.1
    · Six General-Purpose DMAs
    · Two High-Speed UARTs
    · One Console UART
    · DES and 3DES for IP Security
    · IIC Serial Interface
    · Interrupt Controller
    · Six 32-bit Programmable Timers
    · 30-bit Watchdog Timer (**)

    · 64 Programmable I/O Ports
    - 8 General-Purpose I/O
    - 6 External Interrupt Request
    - 6 Timer Output
    - 4 External DMA Request
    - 4 External DMA Acknowledge
    - 21 SAR Signals
    - 15 UART Signals

    · Four PLLs for each ARM940T (166MHz), System (133MHz), PCI & PC Card Controller Clock (33/66MHz), USB Host/Device Clock (48MHz), and Ethernet PHY (20/25MHz).
    · CPU Operating Frequency: Up to 166MHz
    · AHB Bus Operating Frequency: Up to 133MHz
    · Package Type: 416 PBGA
    · Core Operating at 1.8V ±5 %, -40~85 oC
    · I/O Operating at 3.3V ±5 %, -40~85 oC
    · 3.3V input/output levels, 5V tolerant only for PCI.

(*) The Utopia (Universal Test & Operations PHY Interface for ATM) interface is defined by the ATM Forum to provide a standard interface between ATM devices and ATM PHY or SAR (segmentation and Re-assembly) devices.

(**) Resetea periodicamente el router. Esto es un incordio para importar uClinux. Tal y como viene en HRI:

The board has a 20 Pin (only 7 Pins seem to be really connected, rest is GND or NC) JTAG-Connector (maybe ARM9 type?), but the DSL-Modem is missing only Ethernet for external DSL-Modem sad

to Kaloz:

Hello Kaloz and thanks for your hint, I think many routers use this chipset , D-Link, 3COM, SMC, Digitus ...
OEM seems to be AMIT... But I got a another question, too, where can I find the JTAG layout for ARM9
CPUs it seems voltage is 3.3V but I need 5V for parallel port so I may need a voltage converter, but first
I need the pin-out/layout of the JTAG-connector. After that I will try to get linux running, but there are no
opensource drivers for ti tne1130 wlan card - and 2MB of flash is really NOT much. Kernal must be compressed
(VERY HIGH RATIO)..... Thanks a lot!


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