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Topic: AR7 Port on DG834

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I've been playing with the AR7 port on the Netgear DG834.
By adding some padding and then putting on a header right at the end of the firmware, I can get the router to boot into openwrt.
The header contains a checksum that is validated by the DG834 version of Adam2.
Unfortunately the checksum is computed over the flash used by jffs2 and hence becomes wrong after the router has booted.
In other words the router will only boot once.
I can't figure out how to get around this without flashing a different version of Adam2.
I've tried playing with the partition table but the checksum location appears to be hardcoded.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Has anybody managed to resolve this issue yet?  Also do you use the ADAM FTP method to get the firmware onto the DG834?

I solved this issue by buying a dsl-504t...
This just worked with the firmware that was generated by default.

I used adam2 ftp interface to flash the combined kernel+fs squashfs firmware on both routers.
I used a serial console to see what is going on and to set the mtd variables.

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