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Topic: OpenWrt joins Open Invention Network

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Founded in 2005 by IBM, NEC, Novell, Philips, Red Hat and Sony, Open Invention Network ( is a collaborative enterprise that enables innovation in Linux by acquiring and licensing patents.  Patents owned by Open Invention Network are available royalty-free to anyone that agrees not to assert its patents against the Linux System.  By developing a network of Linux developers, distributors, sellers, resellers and end-users that license its patent portfolio, Open Invention Network is creating a shielded ecosystem to ensure the growth and adoption of Linux.

“We are pleased that OpenWrt, an influential distribution for embedded devices, has become a licensee of Open Invention Network,” said Keith Bergelt, CEO. “By doing so, OpenWrt affirms that it values the continued openness of Linux. We applaud their foresight in taking this step to support both OpenWrt and Linux broadly.”

The OpenWrt developers believe that openness and collaboration across domains is the groundwork which nurtures Linux development. "The new partnership with Open Invention Network will be one of the building blocks pushing OpenWrt forward and advance Linux innovation in general," states Gregers Petersen, OpenWrt Relationship Manager.

The OpenWrt developers

Excellent news, guys! Thanks for a great job, keep it up! ;-)

I made an account just so I could agree with this guy.

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