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Topic: Backfire 10.03 Released

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Thank you Borromini for your reply.

When you already know where the information is then it is easy. Believe me, I have done several google searches and have not found much information. I already saw kirkwood downloads from OpenWrt download area, but not how to install those in a SheevaPlug.

The linked instructions explain how to boot from tftp server, but not how to install in into NAND or a USB device which is what I would prefer. If you already have done it, could you please write a small installation instructions post.

Than you for your information. It is a good start point.

dOCtoR MADneSs wrote:

Still no answer on support for WRT54GS with 2.6 kernel (i mean, wifi support, because I can't get it works)

That's bug #7102 ( ), you should edit /etc/config/wireless and add

config 'wifi-device' 'radio0'
      option 'macaddr' 'xxxxxxx'

replacing xxxxxxx with the output of `nvram get il0macaddr`

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Kurgan wrote:

Does it actually run on a WRT54GL? Isn't the flash memory too small for such a big release? I'm still installing WhiteRussian (with 2.4 kernel) on the WRT54GL routers that I configure, because I can install openvpn and tcpdump and I still have some KB of flash free...

EDIT: Sorry, I meant Kamikaze.

You can, but you have to build your own firmware image and leave out things like luci and uhttpd. Since you use Kamikaze, you won't miss the web interface.

I'm planning on doing the same thing, I haven't been able to install openvpn either since Kamikaze, on my WRT54G v2.2.

I did switch to Backfire because it has a 2.6 kernel and working ip6tables, which I found more important than openvpn. But it would be nice if a standard build could be provided for small memory systems which excludes the web interface.

Well, I compiled my own firmware image without web interface.

I did get a lot more free space on /overlay, but still not quite enough to install openvpn and the other packages I require.

Guess it's time to buy a new router...

Tuzzer, thanks for having tested a reduced openwrt build. Now that we know that it's not enough anyway, the next question is "which new router"? All I can find here in Italy are Linksys WRT54GL, that work with Kamikaze 7.09 but cannot run anything bigger than that.

Kurgan wrote:

the next question is "which new router"?

I was thinking about one of the new BUFFALO HighPower Routers WZR-HP-G300NH, WHR-HP-G300N or WHR-HP-GN myself. They seem to ship with DD-WRT firmware and should be available in EU.

The WZR-HP-G300NH at least has really nice specs (32 MB Flash, 64 MB RAM, USB port, Gigabit switch, 300N wireless).

And this link suggest Backfire runs on it.

I have never seen a Buffalo router in Italy. I can always try to buy one online...

Does anyone know for sure whether openwrt-wrt350n_v1-squashfs.bin has all the drivers it needs, or whether it renders a WRT350N v1 unable to communicate without installing a serial port?

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