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Topic: Is there a file explorer package for Luci / backfire?

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Is there a "file explorer" package for Luci / backfire? If so what is the package called? TIA.

Does nobody know?

I had something like this...

..more in mind, however your WinSCP program could work too. I'd like to try out x-wrt instead of luci but I don't know how. I'd switch just for the file explorer.

I put as the host name and my user and pass in but got a ton of errors. Something about can not initialize SFTP protocol. I thought SSH was the correct protocol but only see SFTP, SCP, and FTP in the protocol drop down box.

In other words, I can't get your WinSCP to work.

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You need to select SCP protocol in WinSCP if you are connecting through SSH.

To get sftp to work on openwrt, you need to install the "openssh-sftp-server" package with opkg.

There is a web fileexplorer in luci for Openwrt...
it shows contents of eg Usb disks plugged in...and you can activate actions like "upload to youtube, picasa, flickr" or "play this mp3,m3u playlist"

the source can be found on

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Try the Midnight Commander.
opkg install mc

fyi wrote:

Try the Midnight Commander.
opkg install mc

Second that. I use MC and like it.


if you have php you can use eXtplorer

dont install 2.1rc3 yet, install older version 2.0.1 instead

... but better use sftp

giaulo -- screenshot looks great, however I get an error trying to install it (on LEDE 17.01-snapshot):

root@EA8500:/tmp# opkg install luci-app-filebrowser_20161211.ipk
Collected errors:
 * pkg_init_from_file: Malformed package file luci-app-filebrowser_20161211.ipk.

PS. Why not submit it to the official repo?

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