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Topic: Network UPS Tools (NUT) package for backfire

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Hi Opensys,

this is great: I've added a link to your packages, that will show up in the upcoming NUT 2.6.0 release and its new website / documentation (in the Download information).

To get an idea:
- the current version:
- the new version:

Thanks for your work, and don't hesitate to contact me if needed, to improve packaging or whatever you feel I could help.


opensys wrote:

I just compile the last NUT (Network UPS Tools) package for openwrt backfire for broadcom platform:

Is this supported under OpenWRT or do you have your own OpenWRT Makefile for this package? For later, perhaps it is best you upload the Makefile + patches (if available) to OpenWRT to distribute. This way, OpenWRT members can compile themselves this NUT.

I'm also interested: if there is a patch needed, we should probably better address this upstream.
The only exception being for packaging files, as long as these are available from an official source.
This is not yet the case with OpenWrt, but I'd once more be happy to help achieving this integration.


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