Hello Guys,

i am fairly new to OpenWRT, so I hope to find some help here.
I would like to use an alternate firmware on my Arcor Easybox A300 WLAN.

I resetted my EasyBox and by Accessing it via HTTP, a Recovery-Tool opened. Here some Information:
Boot Loader / Tiny Kernel Version: V0.67.6

This Tool Allows me to Upgrade my Firmware and/or Bootloader.

Could you tell me, what file i should use?  I Have tried some files from here (http://downloads.openwrt.org/whiterussian/newest/) to basicly install SquashFS on my router without success. It allways tells me "File verification failed".

(Well, i was searching you wiki and some other pages and as far a I have come with that, there is no posibility to run OpenWRT on this Router. Is this really true?)