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Topic: ADSL2/ADSL2+ is chip based services or software based

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Dear Experts,

I am lucky to get so many experts in one place, I am new to this field, I see many websites says that the existing ADSL modem can be converted to ADSL2+ by simple firmware update but I Wonder if ADSL2+ facility can be obtained by only firmware update and not chipset update or both. Can any one tell if these products will work fine with ADSL2+ firmware upgrade and what is the current chip set used in these boxes.


Can any one will be able to tell which DSLAM's work with all these Netgear products as I find Netgear product pritty good in performance but I am not sure about the performance of ADSL2+ with firmware update.

Thanks in Advance

Warm Regards


flavors of ADSL are implemented at the firmware level; this may lead you to think that by changing the firmware (if you can get the right one) then you can switch between ADSLs; this may not be true, as the PCBs themselves may host different, additional IC logic, depending of the ADSL flavor...

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