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Topic: To easy to be true? running C programs on the router

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I'm a total newbie to this whole Linux/OpenWRT thing, so please forgive my ignorance. If I ssh into the router with White Russian installed on it. Can I copy a executable into the router,  and then run the program? If not, how do I make a C program run on the router, a beginners guide would be appreciated.

Here's the beginner's guide:

And almost everything you need to know about OpenWrt:

To answer your question, yes you can copy an executable to the router (there is a writable flash file system), provided it has been properly cross-compiled for the system/architecture of your router.  You'll want to upgrade to Backfire (the latest release) instead of White Russian.  You can also build your own C applications and incorporate them into the firmware image.  Read on.

Dam, I really thought that was going to work. So the upgrade is important?

White Russian is legacy. You don't have to upgrade, but it's recommended.  Your White Russian build should have a writable JFFS2 partition I think... so you can copy files to the router, provided there's enough free space.

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