Hey guys,
tried a wap54g v3.1 with whiterussian. it worked fine, but then i made a wrong setting and now the wap has no ip adress and so i cant connect to it.
WLAN is active, i can connect to OpenWRT and lan is working fine, too but without a ip adress its senseless, cause i cant get it working like i want.
i tried the Failsafe mode :
-> Took a UDP Broadcast listener and when it says "Press Reset for Failsafe" i pressed and hold the reset button - but nothing more happened, it booted like everytime and no failsafe mode (i tried press/unpress etc too - for 30 secs)

So now i dont know what to do. I read something about a serial console, but do not really understand what i have to do.

If someone has a solution, that would be really nice smile