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Topic: Missing Luci Mini on Backfire

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In the lasts revisions of the backfire branch (svn:// I canĀ“t found a luci-mini package. Now there is a package named luci that claims to install full and mini administration interfaces.

Any1 knows how to disable full and enable mini using the new general "luci" package???

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any ideas?

It does not exist anymore.

then, why the description says "including full and mini admin"?

root@OpenWrt:~# opkg info luci
Package: luci
Version: 0.10+svn6940-1
Depends: uhttpd, luci-mod-admin-full, luci-theme-openwrt, luci-app-firewall, luci-app-initmgr, libiwinfo
Status: install user installed
Section: luci
Architecture: ar71xx
Maintainer: LuCI Development Team <>
MD5Sum: 74f5c0d46d6baf387218ff2acb296976
Size: 776
Filename: luci_0.10+svn6940-1_ar71xx.ipk
Source: feeds/luci/luci
Description: Standard OpenWrt set including full and mini admin and the standard theme
Installed-Time: 1299621177

Because I forgot to update it.

are you planning to re-enable the mini admin?

hey, I noticed luci-admin-mini package has returned, is it coming back? I tried to install it but it didn't work.

no and no

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