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Topic: Buffalo WLAE-AG300N

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Hey all,

Just looking at the possibility of getting OpenWRT on this device. It's a Buffalo WLAE-AG300N AP/Bridge.

I got the following information off of the chips:

SiGe 2593a20
hynix h5du2562gtr-e3c

It has a spot for a 4 pin serial console attachment. I've soldered on wires and am awaiting a usb/ttl convertor to try to get some console from the device.

I'll get some pictures of the board when I get home later.

It appears this is a supported platform and wireless chip. What are the chances of getting OpenWrt up and running on it? The stock firmware is really bad.

So I've gotten OpenWRT to boot using a generic ar71xx build. Attempting to build an image with proper drivers now.

Ahh. So my first ram disk image I attempted to load worked. Since then I haven't been able to get it to boot, even the same image. Best I can do is get it to "Starting kernel...." and then nothing else.

Any tips?

EDIT: So a typo is what apparently made it work before.

Is there any documentation on how the memory addressing works? I first attempted to tftp the image to 0x80000000 but got error during decompression and a reset on starting the image. I read somewhere that the likely case was the decompression was overwriting the information in memory. So I tried a different location, thinking I was attempting 0x82000000, I apparently actually tried 0x8200000 (note the missing zero). This boots the image.

This device has 32MB of ram, so I'm just trying to figure out how the addressing works.

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So I can't get any network interfaces to come up at all.. Wireless or wired.

Any ideas on what to try? Thanks.

Sorry to drag up an ancient thread but I'm having problems finding anything using the forum search.

According to ToH, which doesn't have a wiki page for this device yet, some support was added here:

This appears to be before the Attitude Adjustment release.  Is this device supported?  If so, should I just flash a generic ar71xx to it? (I'm currently stuck on dd-wrt which won't allow me to re-flash stock Buffalo firmware and want to try OpenWRT anyway.) I can document what I do in a wiki page for the WLAE AG300N, but I don't really know the procedure for flashing "generic" OpenWRT images - a link or two would be great smile

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