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Topic: Backup / Restore - Create Bin file from existing Router

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Is it possible to create a Backup/Image/Bin from a working router, and then upload the
bin file to others routers.

If it was possible to create a bin file for uploading, one could deploy wrt to multiple routers.

Could dd( possibly work?


I found this here(

mount -o remount,ro /dev/mtdblock/4 /jffs
dd if=/dev/mtdblock0 > /tmp/NSLU2C_image.bin
dd if=/dev/mtdblock1 >> /tmp/NSLU2C_image.bin
dd if=/dev/mtdblock2 >> /tmp/NSLU2C_image.bin
dd if=/dev/mtdblock3 >> /tmp/NSLU2C_image.bin
dd if=/dev/mtdblock4 >> /tmp/NSLU2C_image.bin
dd if=/dev/mtdblock6 >> /tmp/NSLU2C_image.bin
mount -o remount,rw /dev/mtdblock/4 /jffs

Wondering will I have a brick after this when I upload the file to a new Router.

Yes, I guess.

Install OpenWrt from factory.
Save mtd "firmware".
Install OpenWrt on another router.
Override mtd "firmware" with the file saved.

Maybe I was not that clear, actually I want to configure "One Router" with OpenWrt,
and then upload the bin file to Routers that do not have OpenWrt on them yet.

I can only access the routers once, since they are remote. If the procedure should fail I will have to drive out to them (14 of them) and go and configure them - painful. 

(1) So my idea is to create a "perfect" install for the router, (2) create an image with dd, (3) and upload the file remotely using the non OpenWrt Firmware.

Unless you can produce a backup image that you can flash through the original webinterface, there's no point in doing it this way as far as I can tell. You can just as easily flash all the routers with the same image, then restore a /overlay tar backup manually.


You might want to look at building your own image, that way you can control every last detail if you wish.

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arokh wrote:

You might want to look at building your own image, that way you can control every last detail if you wish.

That is the way I do.

I am now trying to *BUILD* my own bin file, when I run the command
make profile=xyz , I am unable to find the profile for my router.

I am using the following file to Build. … 86.tar.bz2

(Folowing these instructions … .generate)

But the version for my router was found here: … pgrade.bin

So it seems I have the wrong ImageBuilder,

How do I correct this ?

I finally got it right to make my *own* custom installation with custom configuration files,

First I had to install Linux and VirtualBox, got the latest versions, I used Ubuntu 10.10 and had to install many
additional packages using the command apt-get install "xyz".

(1) I downloaded the trunk from svn, using the svn command : "svn co svn://"

(2) Ran "make menuconfig" selected my Router as well as to build the ImageBuilder,

(3) run "make" : This takes quite a bit of time on a virtual machine.... WARNING!! be prepared to wait a long time
after everything is built,

(4) Locate the ImageBuilder in the bin folder (/openwrt_svn/openwrt/trunk/bin/ar71xx)
tar -xvjf OpenWrt-ImageBuilder-ar71xx-for-Linux-i686.tar.bz2

(5) Then follow the steps as documented here ( … e.generate)

Hope this helps someone out there, good luck :-)

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