This is my first question ever, on any forum. Most solutions are out there.  I hope that this one is not too dumb.
I have been using OpenWRT for many years.  It is a great piece of work, and I greatly appreciate all of the work done by the developers.  Now, I want to try something different.

What I would like to do is have selected programs on my LAN connect to the internet through a VPN.  I currently have PPTP set up on a Windows PC, however all programs then use the VPN.

I would like to set up PPTP on my WRT54GL with White Russian or Kamikaze to allow only some programs on different PCs to connect through it.  It is my understanding that if I set-up a PPTP VPN on the WRT54GL, all traffic from my LAN will go through it. Is this correct?

So, I thought that I could set up a SOCKS server, srelay I guess, and have only the SOCKS server direct traffic through the PPTP VPN, and have all other traffic go out the usual way, directly to the internet.  I have had a look for info on srelay and PPTP and I see that setting up either one is not too hard.  However, I don't yet know enough to do something non-standard.  I don't even know if I am asking the right question.

My questions are:
1. Is it possible to have a SOCKS server direct traffic through a PPTP VPN and continue to have other traffic go out directly through my ISP?
2. If not, is there anything else that I should look at, that would achieve the same goal?

Thanks in advance for any answers offered.