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Topic: Sending DHCP options

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Is it possible to have the DHCP client of OpenWrt to send specific DHCP options such as vendor class id to its gateway? I know that it is possible to receive options however i have found no way of sending them.

I am running the latest release candidate of backfire on my wndr3700.


config_get clientid "$config" clientid
config_get vendorclass "$config" vendorclass
$DEBUG eval udhcpc -t 0 -i "$iface" ${ipaddr:+-r $ipaddr} ${hostname:+-H $hostname} ${clientid:+-c $clientid} ${vendorclass:+-V $vendorclass} -b -p "$pidfile" ${dhcpopts:- -R &}


config interface wan
option proto dhcp
option vendorclass 'CLASSID'

Network configuration - OpenWrt Wiki

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