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Topic: WhiteRussian 0.9 firewall+nmap question

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Hey all,

I'd like to ask your advice or insights on the following. I have a WR 0.9 on my router and now from an external location I ran some nmap tests out of curiosity.

If I run nmap <host> for let's say the first time, it gives back:

Not shown: 994 closed ports
22/tcp    open     ssh
646/tcp   filtered ldp
711/tcp   filtered unknown
1755/tcp  filtered wms
5033/tcp  filtered unknown
50800/tcp filtered unknown

If I run nmap <host> immediately again, then it gives a scary response:

Not shown: 506 closed ports
1/tcp     open  tcpmux
3/tcp     open  compressnet
13/tcp    open  daytime
20/tcp    open  ftp-data
22/tcp    open  ssh
24/tcp    open  priv-mail
26/tcp    open  rsftp
30/tcp    open  unknown
37/tcp    open  time
43/tcp    open  whois
79/tcp    open  finger
83/tcp    open  mit-ml-dev
89/tcp    open  su-mit-tg
90/tcp    open  dnsix
99/tcp    open  metagram
... and other 495 open ports up to Port 65389 ...

The iptables rules are what's shipped in default with 0.9 + the obvious 22 port opened.

If I try to telnet to these ports "at least" they aren't really open:
root@localhost:~# telnet hostname 389
Trying x.x.x.x...
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

So the question is something is wrong with the nmap query, or am I missing something with its usage. Or something is shaky with the firewall rules.

The other question is, the 646 and 711 ports are always displayed - how can I find out why these two ports below even appear? I'm not aware about any application which would open them from the LAN, especially nothing on the router itself.
646/tcp   filtered ldp
711/tcp   filtered unknown

Ideally I'd like to see something that only the 22 port is open.


No ideas?

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