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Topic: Add platform: Cavium Networks CNS2xxx is it possible?

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How are things now with the transfer of the platform STR8132?
In particular, for devices Agestar NCB3AST/NSB3AS/NSB3AST/NSB3AS1T.

WiKi => … ux/cns21xx

Need add file  config-default

Source Snake-OS

On posted an SDK for the processor CNS2132 (STR8132), only need to register.

CNS21XX Linux SDK ver.6.8.2 (Kernel ver.2.6.16) - it is based firmware. Configuration file, which compiles the firmware is in the NAS.
CNS21XX LINUX BSP-7.8.2 (Kernel ver.2.6.24) - a new SDK.
Another archive

About NAS DealExtreme NAS

Description of the chip

Target name: cns2xxx   
Platform: Cavium Networks CNS2xxx
Architecture: ARM   
Endianness: big

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OpenWRT has support for these devices as it was recently added. I have successfully built OpenWRT and put it onto  a NS-K330 from DealExtreme. You will have to built it yourself as there is no prebuilt images as yet. There is an option in menuconfig to enable the CNS21xx selection.
Goto 'advanced configuration options' then 'show broken platforms/packages'. You'll then see CNS21xx appear under 'target system' in the root menu. I've haven't tried the latest trunk, so this may have all been fixed by now. I'm a few months behind.

I've been trying to get a 8MB flash chip working on my device (standard is 4MB) - I've got OpenWRT happily working with it but I need to rebuilt the u-boot bootloader as it doesn't detect the brand of chip I'm using and therefore won't boot from it. I've built u-boot from the source package of snakeos but only succeed in bricking my unit. My flash is on a socket so I can easily recover. BTW I'm using a SST brand SST25VF064 flash chip. If anyone can assist with the building of das-uboot for the NS-K330, I'd be much obliged.

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