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Topic: WRT54GL Password Issues (WhiteRussian 0.9)

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I just purchased a new WRT54GL and tried to install WhiteRussian on it. The firmware flashed successfully, but I have been completely unable to change the password. I have tried both on the web-based interface and via Putty and have tried multiple different passwords with varying levels of strength, but haven't gotten it to work. When I attempt to set the password, it prompts me to re-enter the new password, which I do, but then nothing happens.

What can I do to solve this very troublesome issue? I have been really excited to get into OpenWRT and I was told White Russian is arguably the best interface, but it looks now as though I will be unable to do anything for a while. Help would be very much appreciated.

I looked through the wiki on firstlogin ( ) and it has no help addressing why I can't seem to set a password. This is really frustrating. Someone please help.

When I telnet the router it'll ask to set the password, but then freezes up and ceases to work; same deal when in the web UI. wtf am I doing wrong here? Did I brick it?

It is normal that "nothing happens" after you entered the passcode two times while invoking the "passwd" command.

If that's the case, why am I unable to access the router's settings via SSH or the web UI?

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