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Topic: adding new board. Not found by menuconfig

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I have a board that is real similar to the fonera20n device. I cna boot and run an initramfs image based off a build for fonera20n, with some modifications. The router has no name, but the board is marked xdx-rn502j, so I want to add a new device under the ralink rt3052 platforms.

The steps I took: I modified (or added) the files


now I was hoping that make kernel_menuconfig would show the new board definition and name in Machine Selection ->Ralink RT305x machine selection -> xdx-rn502j

but nothing... it also does not build the new c files.

Obviously there is some way to regenerate whatever files menuconfig uses, or need to add somewhere a definition of the new board, but I can't find it !

Any hints ? The wiki page about adding a new device is not useful, it gives an example that does not seem relevant to all platforms.

---- Update: seems make clean leads to the new options/board to be recognized in menuconfig. However, it shows my board as (NEW) the build keeps asking me if I want to use the target... do I really have to hit 'Y' all the time because it's a new target ? how can I disable this ? I don't know if the new files are builtm though. still going...

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Hi ,

I think you should find out where is your "mk" file to add the new board description.

I guess it seems like this file : target/linux/ramips//rt305x/

  # Copyright (C) 2009
   BOARDNAME:=RT3x5x/RT5350 based boards
  DEFAULT_PACKAGES += kmod-rt2800-soc
  define Target/Description
          Build firmware images for Ralink RT3x5x/RT5350 based boards.

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