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Topic: RTSP not working

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I cannot open RTSP streams from my ISP in VLC. I use Backfire 10.03.1-RC at a WNDR3700v2 router.
I tested without router (pc directly @ modem) and the RTSP stream was working!

What i tried:

installing package hxxp://
installing package hxxp://
installing package hxxp://
installing package hxxp://

Put all Firewall policies (INPUT, OUTPUT, FORWARD) on ACCEPT. I did this with 'Default', 'WAN->LAN' and 'LAN>WAN'. So basically everything on accept.... But still not working! Is there a bug in the RTSP part of OpenWRT or is it me doing things completely wrong?

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please help

You may need portfowarding?

The RTSP conntrack helper is frequently broken, you might try an alternative ipt_recent based solution using the rules suggested here: … art-0.html

Insert those with iptables -I FORWARD  to bypass other rules.

Thanks jow

I see there are a few patches available:

But they are not yet intergrated in Backfire 10.03.1-RC5?
Will they be integrated in the final 10.03.1?

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Hi Alex24,

I have the same problem, have you find a solution to open RTSP streams?
I am a little lost with how to apply a patch for this package.

If you or someone else could help me, it would be very kind! I am new with openWRT.


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