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Topic: Yet-Another-Router: Trendnet TEW-511BRP

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Hmm, too bad there's no "Other Routers" forum.

The interesting thing about these guys are that they come dual-band (802.11a/g) and are running $50 shipped after rebate this month from Newegg.

I have one on order because I dearly want to do 5GHz for a 'customer' in a crowded urban area.  Not sure if I'll be able to rip it open for a peek; I can't go voiding any warranties.

I assume these are Atheros-based, given the "Super AG" branding and a string in the firmware image -- "AccessPoint_5312_01".  Probably not too much Flash, hard to say what the native OS is.

The same company also makes some interesting wired NAS boxes that have GPL sources available -- and do what I'd intended to do if I'd shoved a tri-mode card into a USB-capable router, so I guess I'm a bit soothed there.  [Link.]

Edit:  Forgot to search the forums for "Trendnet" first.  Atheros sure does make the 5312, so I'd assume these aren't as similar to the 411BRP(+?)s as the numbering might suggest.

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I think you are right that there ought to be an "Other Routers" forum.  In general, I think the forum needs to be reorganized a bit into a few more main topic areas.

Yep.  In other news, it's becoming clear that this should be a twin to the Linksys WR55AGv2 -- the same string's present in the firmware to both.

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