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Topic: DLink DIR-615 rev. H1 (Ralink RT3352): OpenWRT support?

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Dear all,

I have a DLink DIR-615 rev. H1 with Ralink RT3352 and I would like to know if it is possible to install OpenWRT on it? I'm asking this because there is only available a firmware to RT3052 which has a different (internal) architecture.

Does anybody tried to compile an OpenWRT firmware for RT3052 and installed it on RT3352?
If I'm the first one trying this, what precautions should I take?



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Nobody? sad


Unfortunately, I can't help you with the firmware you're looking for.

However, DIR-615 devices have a firmware recovery console which makes them very difficult to brick and perfect to experiment with.

To access the recovery console follow the instructions at the end of this thread:

I'm interested in that too. Is there any chance?

The FCC ID-number for D-Link DIR615-H1 is: KA2IR615H1

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First of all, I would like to thank BarryChopper. Your post encouraged me to try! smile

But, about the upgrade of RT3352 with RT305X fw, forget it! sad

I compiled the trunk version (kamikaze) for RT305X and flashed several versions to the router and it didn't work.
I tried DIR-600 B1/B2 and DIR-615 D1 (from DDWRT) and none of them worked. I also tried a "clean linux" fw version... but without success!

Fortunately I recovered my device to the original firmware without any problem.

So, we have to wait for a specific firmware to RT335X.


maurer wrote:

for rt3352 try wive-ng and report back
it says it supports this cpu … _izmeneniy

I'm not able to download their firmware... because they used a IP class C (192.168.*.*)!
The links are only accessible on their local network...


Will the H1 ever get openwrt support?

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