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Topic: SamKnows to measure European broadband with OpenWrt devices

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The European Commission, in collaboration with broadband performance
testing specialist SamKnows, has launched a pan-European project to
map the broadband performance of all EU Member States. This follows
successful projects run with Ofcom (the UK telecoms regulator) and the
FCC (the US regulator). 10,000 volunteers are being sought from across
Europe to participate in this new study.

SamKnows provides each volunteer with a free 'whitebox', a hardware
device designed to measure the performance of the volunteer's Internet
connection when it is not being used. Hardware is provided through a
partnership with TP-Link and, of course, the devices utilise OpenWrt
as their operating system.

Sam Crawford from SamKnows stated: "OpenWrt coupled with TP-Link
hardware is a dream come true - it's reliable, cost effective and
incredibly easy to work with. We're big fans of the OpenWrt project
and have been using it in deployments since 2008. We contribute back
to the project too, by providing pre-release hardware samples, writing
wiki documents and assisting others on the forums."

If you would like to learn more about the project or register as a
volunteer please visit

I have a Samknows Whitebox on my desk right now.

Where is the source code? There is no mention of the GNU GPL *at all* in the documents and instructions included. There is no medium enclosed with the GPLed source code and any source code derivative from it in the shipping box. I cannot find a link to the sources anywhere on the Samknows website, nor any mention of the GPL.

What the hell, Samknows? This is basic stuff.

Just installed the Sam KNows monitoring unit for this EU project. Followed instructions step by step - Now my router does not work. Expensive way of being thanked for helping this project. Be warned

CCO wrote:

Just installed the Sam KNows monitoring unit for this EU project. Followed instructions step by step - Now my router does not work. Expensive way of being thanked for helping this project. Be warned

Are you sure that it's corectly installed? I've got mine few days ago and everything works fine.

Just received my Whitebox for this project: plugged it between my ISP modem and my OpenWRT box, and it works like a charm...

2 years of program  duration? I think its too long.
If you cancel it before the 2 years, they say you should give back the device, and they will pay the returning shipping.
And if you finish the 2 years study, then you got a free router smile Nice part.

Did anyone get an answer from SamKnows, recently?

I've registered two times in the last two month. Two weeks ago I offered the support to install SamKnows on my Routerboard 493G with OpenWRT, but I never got any kind of an answer from the support ...

Is this project dead? I have changed my isp, and have wrote them an email and sent a message through their webpage, but nobody responded in a week.

I Think its dead.
on the website is mentioned that the Project is running about two years.
so it will end 2014.
I have flashed my SamKnows Router with Openwrt ... :-)

Hello just to tell it still going. I just received yestarday the Samknow router and conect to my home network.
All is very simple to install and it worked perfect first time.
I had already 3 routers in my home network and tv by network from Portuguese meo operator.
All continued to work perfect.

Macshade wrote:

Hello just to tell it still going

well, they just confirmed shipment of my unit so I'd say it is still going.
EDIT: unit received and operational

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Seems still alive... and it seems the source are at

GNU_License.pdf                     26-Mar-2012 11:49     45K
gpl_linked_tests_20111101.tar.gz    03-Nov-2011 09:26     23K
openwrt_wdr3600_20131104.tar.gz     04-Nov-2013 07:43     337M
openwrt_wr1043nd_20110501.tar.gz    03-Nov-2011 09:50     314M
openwrt_wr741nd_20110501.tar.gz     03-Nov-2011 10:24     317M
openwrt_wr741ndv4_20130502.tar.gz   02-May-2013 13:13     173M

as part of the overall Academia page of SamKnows

This page also holds links to free open source code for the Android and iOS mobile applications that the US FCC uses to test Mobile Operator Networks quality and performance

An interesting extension to make the openwrt device remote configurable via NetConf/Yang was recently published here:

Poster: … s-2014.pdf
Paper: … s-2014.pdf

One of the Authors on his research page kindly points to the sources of the extensions:

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I have a TP-LINK 1043ND that I don't need, considering flashing it with the SamKnows FW to use it as a white box for monitoring my own connection.

Which bin from the download do I need to flash?


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