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Topic: releasing PBX (supporting Asterisk) interface for LuCI

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I have  install the pbx addon, it is cool, it works great, but I met a problem lately, whenever I add a new sip account with host using ip address(eg. instead of website address(eg. the sip account cannot regsiter. I wanna solve the problem, can anyone help me about this?

Hi everybody.
First of all I wonder if this project is still alive... I'm sure it is.
I've few questions about the status of LuCI PBX.
1. Danko asked to check a new version from At that link I get: "503 Service Unavailable". Question: where is the last or current version?
2. Pilovis recognized few bugs. e.g. "SIP doesn't register if the registrar is a third level domain"; "dtmfmode = inband" doesn't work, use instead "dtmfmode = rfc2833"; voicemail miscellaneas. Question: are those bugs fixed on a certain available version?
3. I'm approaching nowadays LuCI PBX on a Attitude Adjustment 12.09. CC is to fat for my little router. So, I started again with AA. Question: there are any coupling constraints with AA and a certain available version of LuCI PBX?
So. That's all.
Best regards.

G'day everybody

Im new here and seeking some help.

router is TP-Link WR1043 ND v2
with OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 / LuCI 15.05-149-g0d8bbd2 Release (git-15.363.78009-956be55)
overlay 8gig pendrive

ive install the luci pbx app, configured local users and a sip provider account.
local users can communicate among, local users can make calls through the sip provider account.

I would like to set a local user to ring on incoming calls from the sip provider account.
Say someone outside the office is calling being my registered sip provider account number
local user 3814 is configured on the system
How do i forward this incoming call to the local user 3814

and would also like to set preset dial numbers per sip provider
in asterisk I can specify it with something like _22X. and set the the 22 to be zapped to initiate the call, how do I accomplish this with the luci pbx app?

thank you
best regards

more issue,

When I initiate a call through the SIP Trunk, the party received the call but when he answer the call nothing is heard and displays connecting, and on the initiator phone the screen keep displaying calling. On hanging up it by initiator it does display disconnect on receiver phone. But if receiver hang up, initiator keeps displays dialing with dialing tone in speaker.

when i try to download your link provided for luci-app-pbx,but im getting below error..

Resolving ( failed: No address associated with hostname.wget: unable to resolve host address ‘’

and when im trying install luci-app-pbx for make menuconfig, it is failing because of some dependencies ..
Can you please tell me how to install luci-app-pbx for LEDE image(architecture is bcm27XX)?.

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