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Topic: minidlna Missing From Menuconfig

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I've recently started using minidlna on my RouterStation Pro running OpenWrt trunk and really like it. minidlna has disappeared from the menuconfig Multimedia listing. Is this intentional or do I have a problem with my setup? Was it dropped intentionally? If so what media server should I use to replace it with?

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I am also having this problem, and have yet to find any information on it. We need it back under "make menuconfig". Thanks

./scripts/feeds update packages
./scripts/feeds install -d m minidlna
make menuconfig

That alone is not going to show Multimedia --> minidlna package. One needs to first enable Libraries -> libffmpeg-custom -> Configuration --> Include support for minidlna before Multimedia --> minidlna will show up.

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written_direcon's code worked for me, minidlna is back in Multimedia. Thanks wd.

I used written_direcon's code on another machine and minidlna doesn't show up in the Multimedia menu. Weird.

Edit: Solved: see my next post below.

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mazilo, I somehow missed your post. My problem on the second machine was indeed related to Libraries -> libffmpeg, but libffmpeg-custom isn't a menu item in my "make menuconfig" but when I selected libffmpeg-full minidlna did show up in the Multimedia menu.

To summarize the fix for no minidlna selection:

written_direcon wrote:
./scripts/feeds update packages
./scripts/feeds install -d m minidlna


In "make menuconfig" select: Libraries -> libffmpeg-full
Then select: Multimedia -> minidlna

And/or you can select minidlna support in the LuCI -> Applications section of "make menuconfig"

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You don't need libffmpeg-full, libffmpeg-mini is enough to show, select and compile minidlna successfully.

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