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Topic: uboot for ar7241 with new features

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I'd realy like to share my uboot with you if you want the source codes just send a email to

this uboot can support all TP's WRT with AR7241+AR9287 such as Wr841nv7, wr3240v1


4,   test verion uboot, for testing only.
      to test if this uboot is suitable for your wrt. this version is running from RAM not norflash, just download it using TFTP and run.
use the following command:
ar7241#tftp 80000000 8Muboot4pub-debug-version.bin
ar7241#go 80000000
and you will see:
    U-boot 1.3.0-TT-0.1.0(NOV 15 2011 - 10:42:01)@TTHR
            IN DEBUG VERSION

    AP99(ar7241 ………………….
otherwise this uboot doesn't support your wrt

3,  OverClocking, this uboot support OverClocking configuration and using 420_420_210 as default frequ;
    edit uboot.bin file with WinHex or other hex tool. find offset 0x01fd00 where you can find a MAGICNUM C700 and the following  Bytes are the frequ config param each one contents six Bytes like 000100000828(for 400_400_200), the first tow Bytes is a Swicth unit and the next 4 Bytes is PLL setting param. if you want to use one of them just put the Switch unit =0001 and the previous ones =0000; caution OverClocking too much may cause the build in SWITCH NOT WORKING and you may  even not flash it back

2,  when your wrt is semibricked(this uboot is OK but your firmware is not working) you can just press the qss button until all LED flashing 3 times then the uboot will download the firmware file using tftp portocal,  the fireware name must be "factory.bin" and the server machine ipaddr must be and then just wait for rebooting;

1, you should edit the MAC and PIN at offset 0x01fc00 and 0x01fe00, where i used build date as default settings

just press tt to stop autoboot

for 4M flash Oly … Qvtwj0caC8

for 8M flash only … Qvtwj0caC8

for 16M flash Only … Qvtwj0caC8


art file?for wr841nv7 AR9287 only … q8Pv5KbPW4

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Hello tthrx.
I am interested in your ideas and development to boot uboot. But
unfortunately, no link in this topic forum does not work.

Be so kind, please update the links in the forum topic or share
uboot.bin separately for testing and for the firmware, it would also
be interesting to see the source code. I have a MR3220 (AR7241 with 4M
flash), I would like to put your ideas on the page wiki:
and this forum:
Debrick Routers with AR724x processors Using JTAG

(of course with link to the source - forum) if you do not mind.

I previously wrote to you requesting compiled uboot you with the
possibility load it from memory
I will not to spoil you "party" for the exclusive distribution solutions.
I just wanted to (as an enthusiast) to use your uboot, to test
debugging AR7241 via ejtag using OpenOCD. The process of initializing
CPU / DDR / AHB and memory registers - was successful. It remains to
check the options to debug via memory over ejtag.

I ask you again, please link your uboot (debug version) for AP99 to
some (not Chinese) resource to ordinary mortals that people can use it.

I'm afraid I can't offer another link. I've sent all 4 uboot.bin and the source codes to you. Feel free to use or modify them . Good Luck

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Does the uboot overclocking work? How much performance improvements can be obtained.
If yes I am very interested to know how to extend this to other TP-Link Routers running similar processors.

alphasparc wrote:

Does the uboot overclocking work? How much performance improvements can be obtained.
If yes I am very interested to know how to extend this to other TP-Link Routers running similar processors.

well it seems that my router does not gain much improvements from it.

Can you give further details?
What is the bogomips difference?
Can you try running the OpenSSL 'benchmark'?

hi tthrx!

do You see any chance to exchange the SPI flash to an SPI-wired SD/MicroSD card, and use it as boot device? or is it possible to wire an SD card parallel with the flash chip and use it with an additional CS GPIO pin ?


Who has the source code of this project?
Please share

The discussion might have continued from here.