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Topic: Router Management System

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Is there a good (read: powerful and preferably simple) interface out there that can manage different settings for different OpenWRT routers across a network? I work in a network where we often need to make changes to all the access points simultaneously and this would be marvelous.

Googling and searching yielded me no results, but I'm perhaps not using the correct keywords. Thanks in advance!

Well there isn't one as far as I know... Christoph K├Ânig submitted a patch adding cfengine package, and although it isn't accepted yet, you can get it from here:
It is for cfengine 2.2.10, but it is trivial to modify it to install the latest cfengine 3.2.3
With cfengine you could potentially manage the configuration of many routers (and/or other devices), and it is very powerful, however it is not really simple. There are other tools for configuration management like puppet and chef which are simple, but they are based on ruby and are not really suitable for limited hardware (at least until there is a smaller ruby vm which runs fine on our routers). So anyway in my opinion your best bet for now is cfengine.

I'm not sure if it's useable and if someone is still working on it, but it seems like something you should look into:

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