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Topic: Linksys Cisco E3000 v1 / WRT-610N v2 / Asus RT-N16 hardware on trunk

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I'm keen to buy a router that supports the 802.11r capability. Would the TPLink WDR7500 support this ? What other components do I need to support and how to I install these additional components.  Also, is the 802.11r capability exposed in Luci or is there anybody that could create a simple add on package that would allow for this support.

Thanks !!

jow wrote:

OpenWrt supports hostapd's 802.11r capabilities but since this platform uses the prorietary broadcom wireless stack there is no OpenWrt-side support for this.

Hi, I put openwrt on my RT-16N, but I am getting around 82MBps, while on tomatoUSB and derivatives I was getting around 112Mbps. My cable internet is 120Mbps. Is there any way to increase speed? I am writing about speed over a ethernet cable.

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How do you measure the speed?

I am using site and a server closest to me. I am sure results are accurate. I tested on tomatoRAF, flashed openwrt tested, flashed tomatoRAF again tested. Results are consistent.

tomatoRAF around 112Mbps
openwrt around 82Mbps

Earlier (2 weeks ago or so ) I did test with tomato by shibby with similar results.

rapis wrote:

How do you measure the speed?

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That kind of disparity isn't reassuring.. … cks.67860/

See above link for a discussion of the NAT routing speed of this hardware ; apparently stock firmwares are capable of up to 300Mbit/s because they use FAST-NAT. Also confirms the benchmarks of tomato.

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