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Topic: Tp-Link Wr841nd V7.2 bricked and swith ports dead

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Hello there, great community and very usefull project wiki but is not updated.

Hello i flashed back my router to the tp-link firmware and is bricked (i used a bad firmware)

The router only powerup and the leds blink once and router restart, i did all to recovery failsafe, hard reset and nothing

I will like give a try with console connection but the router SWITCH PORTS are DEAD! my computer say network cable is unpluged that is bad because i think tftp only work with ethernet connection right?

is possible transfer my firmware over the serial console cable and flash my router? if yes, please teach me how. if not how i can unbrick my router?

Also i will make serial console connection with nokia dku-5 cable, i checked the wiki page and say my router vcc is 5v? and this cable have 3.3v.


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