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Topic: SSH into router

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Guys, I'm so newbie this time. just want to ask if i had this instruction for
Installing CarServer:

If you just want to use the software
SSH in to your router then ...
# cd /tmp
# wget … mipsel.ipk
# ipkg install ./carserver_1_mipsel.ipk

at my terminal in ubuntu, when i type the last command( # ipkg install ./carserver_1_mipsel.ipk )
how would i know if it successfully installed on my router or not?

Pls. just little help.

hi rosemarie, i m sorry i dont know the solution of your problem but i also used the same commands to install carserver....first two commands executed successfully but in last command an error displayed "ipkg command not found" ...if u know why this error is occuring pls help me...i'll b very greatfull to u...pls reply...wtng for ur reply...:))

congrts rose for for ur success, i m happy to let u know that i have also succeeded in installing carsever....:))

i also want to install car server.i am new to programing specially linux.i also follow but i dont understand how to do it.can u define in easy and simple steps.

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