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Topic: [Proposal] Official source code of WAG354G (+V2)

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Hi all,
Firstly I'm sorry if I'm not of the good section.. or off topic :-/

Today I found through Google this wiki page ( … uwiki__top) about the modem/gateway of linksys WAG354G, so it seem there are people trying to get OpenWRT working on it smile.

I don't know exactly why, but I've the source code written by the guys behind linksys when the router become on the market, I haven't anymore that modem but maybe you're interested with the source code?
I've for the two release (WAG354G and WAG354Gv2), they have been download from about 5 years ago (it seem they have removed files since).

So if you are interested to improve support in OpenWRT, I could upload them to my server, just let me know wink.

I've also some binary firmware (WAG354G AnnexB 1.01.11, WAG354Gv2 AnnexB 1.01.57, WAG354Gv2 AnnexA 1.01.58)

PS: I'm also sorry if my English isn't perfect, that's not my mother tongue.

Yes please. I gave you a PM smile

As promised,
Files are upload on my server, there is a 7zip compressed file which is about 80MB and turn into a 600MB tar file (Yes, I have 7ziped a tar file..).
I've made par2 recovery files and MD5/SHA.. you could use par2 to recover archive in case the download stuck before the end, but please don't download all volume block recovery, unless you need them (save my bw).

Files can be found here:

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