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Topic: Python 3.2.3 available for OpenWRT!

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Hello all!

I would like to ask to the main developers of OpenWRT if it would be possible to add to the trunk, the Python 3.2.3 support as a package, if possible! I believe this would help a lot of people!

CyBjit provided to me as an answer to this post I opened, requesting help to cross-compiling Python 3 for the Gateworks Cambria GW2358-4 with OpenWRT.

In Here, CyBjit provides the proper package Makefiles for a correct compilation of Python 3.2.3 for OpenWRT. I installed it and it seems to work!

I think size and performance is critical for routers.Is it much bigger than 2.7 and eat more RAMs?

I did not notice values above normal, but for something specific, you gona have to try it out...
Also, the binaries are relatively small and when compared to python 2.7, they have relatively the same size (1.7MB aprox).

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