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Topic: ADSL routers - or USB ADSL adaptors

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Are there any ADSL routers which work with OpenWRT (including the ADSL modem, of course smile )?

If not, are there any USB ADSL adaptors which work with OpenWRT?

And is there a HOWTO anywhere on how to glue this together and make it work?



Getting an alcatel speedtouch usb modem to work is fairly easy - enable the right kernel modules, make sure you got support for ppp over atm, get the firmware for the modem and compile the modem_run application which is used to load the firmware.
So, yes there is at least one usb adsl modem that works with OpenWrt.

I have built packages to use the Thomson/Alcatel speedtouch USB ADSL modem -- I put instructions in this post on the developer board.  You can skip the first step and just download them ready-made if you prefer.  I am keen to hear any feedback.

I have a speedtouch 716wl and was wondering if your installation procedure would work with that router. The router has an integrated VoIP and port for a phone line and I was wondering if openwrt would support that functionality. Also, if you have managed to get it working for a Thomson Speedtouch should you not inform whoever maintains this list -

The speedtouch USB/330 is a USB modem which may be plugged into any router with a USB port and supporting openwrt. It is not itself a router, nor to my knowledge does openwrt install on any of Thomson's routers.

Sagem Fast 800 et Comtrend ct-350 modems should also be supported in kamikaze as the ueagle-atm driver is included now.

AFAIK ueagle-atm driver is only for kernel 2.6
Have you managed to get Sagem Fast 800 working on kamikaze brcm 2.4?
I tried old eagle driver on openwrt year and half ago and decided to give up because of stange modem resets.

Probably Fritz!Box Fon should work with AR7 port, too? Anyone tried?

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