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Topic: question about https proxy

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hi all
i am using us https proxy and also i wana set it in the router (if it is possible in wan connection setting) that my router connect to that proxy server with authentication and i share it with all of my network user
is it possible to make the settings that all the network computers get the settings automatically without installing or using any app? (for example it sets in the DHCP section)
now i'm using openwrt and my router is tp-link tl-wr1043nd
i'm very beginner in linux so please give me the informations as easy as it's possible!
if it's not possible with openwrt is it possible to do that with another third partys? (like dd-wrt or etc)

Best Regards

Hum... read the wikipedia.

Browsers look for the address http://wpad/wpad.dat. Just setup a web server (maybe even uhttp already avaiable in openwrt) and put the wpad.dat there.
wpad is a javascript file with a single function that returns if and which proxy will be used based on the URL.


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