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Topic: WRT54GL netem

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I'm new to OpenWRT and linux... Now I am trying to install a netem for this router W54GL.

I've tried to download an iproute rpm which includes netem, but there is no "rpm" command to install it. Then I have tried to put "" and "sch_netem.o" into certain directories, but I couldn't find sch_netem.o available online. Meanwhile, if I compile the .o file myself, I am still confused with the different version of sch_netem.c... A ipk file(tc_2.6.25-1_mipsel.ipk, found in forum) is also downloaded, but there is no "ipkg" nor "opkg" command...

So,1.  Could anybody briefly explain to me what are "busybox" and "KAMIKAZE"? I have no idea about the relationship between them and some explanation online makes me more confused. Do they determine the kernel or something...Sorry for this silly question...
     2.  I find  there is limited command in this router, what can I do to expand it? Do I need to change kernel or install sth? Or do you have some methods to address my problem?  I have been stuck here for 2 weeks..

Some of the parameters are listed below:
    WRT54GL    busybox v1.11.2     KAMIKAZE8.09.2,r18961

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks~ smile

Anyone knows? Thanks

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