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Topic: Arcadyan ARW7519 (VR9) Support?

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hello every bady I have a problem with a Livebox 2.1 Astoria . ARV7519RW22
I try to connecte it with serial port to show its bootloader  , i needed  a convertiser RS232 to TTL , I made one as this shemat :

and the result was :

i connect my livebox with the serial port to the RS232 TTL converter … jpg?cache=

i configured my consols " hyperterminal , putty, and also minicom in lunix " to lestning the resulta from the router , but i show a garbled result  :

i tried  to changer the bitrate but no result , the same problem , just the symbol garble be more garbled ,
i have the same probleme with a SMC yacom router , I posted a video in youtube who described the problem :

so if someone have the sollution  can advises me . i ll be Grateful.
thinks (^-^)

Hello guys!
I've got a problem with this device too. At first, I apologise for my bad English.
Well I want to unlock this Livebox 2.1 Astoria to use it for my home ISP. I tried it by UART but I didn't know that connecting VCC will brick my device. So it's bricked. And only Power and WiFi is lights on.
Actulally, I still able to see how Livebox loads firmware but I can't to stop loading because I don't know the command.
Is it possible to do something with him to unlock and unbrick him, huh?!

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