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Topic: How to set multiple allowed source IPs in the src_ip field?

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I would like to restrict a port forward to a set of six specific IP source external IP addresses (using Attitude Adjustment 12.09beta1).

The syntax for a redirect at does not indicated if this is possible. LuCi does not accept a syntax of multiple space-separated IP addresses.

Does anyone know if it is possible to specify multiple allowed source IPs in the same forward definition?

e.g. somthing like

config redirect
        option src              lan
        option dest             wan
        option src_ip 
        option src_dip
        option dest_port        123
        option target           SNAT

Or is the correct approach to have multiple redirect sections, identical except specifying different src_ip IPs?

Tim Miller Dyck

Multiple source IPs are currently not supported.

Thanks for your information, jow.

For others who find this later, as another way to do this, it does work to set up several redirections, each a duplicate of the others except for a different (single) source IP address. If the source IP does not match any of the specified allowed IPs, the forward will not occur.

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