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Topic: Tinyproxy Transparent !!!

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When Transparent forwarding to Tinyproxy via "iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i tun0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 8888",  no effect and some time router reboot. Why I don't know?
Please help me.

Thank you very much.

1. This seems to be in the wrong forum

2. I realize the openwrt developers are wizards, but they will probably need to see your config files

Thank u.
Which config files, tinyproxy.conf, firewall or others?

BTW,  include the .config?
Thank u

You can see it remotely via the free teamviwer.

help me.

My configuration for transparent Tinyproxy with URL filter:
Lan network address is help you can install luci-app-tinyproxy package.

file /etc/config/tinyproxy

config tinyproxy
    option User 'nobody'
    option Group 'nogroup'
    option Port '8888'
    option Timeout '600'
    option DefaultErrorFile '/usr/share/tinyproxy/default.html'
    option StatFile '/usr/share/tinyproxy/stats.html'
    option MaxClients '100'
    option MinSpareServers '5'
    option MaxSpareServers '20'
    option StartServers '10'
    option MaxRequestsPerChild '0'
    option ViaProxyName 'tinyproxy'
    list ConnectPort '443'
    list ConnectPort '563'
    option enabled '1'
    option FilterExtended '1'
    option Filter '/lib/uci/upload/cbid.tinyproxy.cfg02822b.Filter'
    option FilterURLs '1'
    option LogLevel 'Connect'
    option Syslog '1'
    option enable '1'
    option Allow ''

Append tthis redirect  rule to file  /etc/config/firewall 

config redirect
    option _name 'proxy'
    option src 'lan'
    option proto 'tcp'
    option src_dport '80'
    option dest_port '8888'
    option src_dip '!'
    option dest_ip ''

Thank u. But why the router reboot, somebody tell me no kmod-natXXX and iptables-natXXX, and so so, but how to do.

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