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Topic: exFAT in wr1043nd

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Hello all,
I'm running AAb2 in tp-link wr1043nd since some months pretty successfully, but now I need to access an exFAT partition.

I understand that there is a package for it, but looks like is not compiled not in AAb2 nor in current snapshot.

Any way to obtain this package without building myself all the stuff?


Since mounting an external USB disk requires some kernel modules (see, you need  to find the required modules matching exactly your kernel.

But as your kernel is probably from a old AAb2 snapshot, the corresponding modules are long gone sad

So your only chance besides compiling everything yourself, is to take the latest kernel and all the required modules at the same time.

I'd recommend building it by yourself. It's not difficult at all :-)

is that package EXISTING? i can't find anyone talking about it...

nice link, i googled a lot but cannot find it..

found it here: … /packages/

Installed successfully on AAb2, mounted ExFAT partition and performances are terrible, something like 1Mb/sec with 70% CPU busy on writes.

Exactly same HW (same HD reformatted on same router) on normal VFAT runs at almost 20Mb/sec
Is it because FUSE sucks, or is it the exfat module itself?

My hardly scientific way to check is:
date;dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/partname bs=1024 count=20480;date

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