I have an "Observa Telecom Router monopuerto" DSL2+ single-port router, shown as "Tecom AR1061" in the router admin page, provided by Telefónica Spain (now Movistar).
Since I have not found OpenWrt info anywhere, I'm posting all available details in case someone can point me where to continue searching.
I've unassembled the unit and found a "RTL8671 & RTL8271 two-chip solution" as described in:
http://www.realtek.com.tw/products/prod … ;ProdID=87

Found Realtek SoC family chipsets in:
http://wiki.openwrt.org/oldwiki/OpenWrt … ar/WPNT834
http://foro.seguridadwireless.net/openw … ei-hg532c/ (Spanish)

Also found code at:

But, by the moment I have no clue on make OpenWrt work here.
I would be grateful if someone can give any advice/pointers/infos on how to make this one work with OpenWrt.

I still don't know much about how to get bootloader info, but I'm on it. As soon as I compile all the available info I will create a wiki page in case somebody else is also interested in it.




Board chip closeup

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